Grace Assembly of God Missions

Special Forces Family Ministry
D.C. Christian Ministries
Rajan & Paola Dass
Ozark Women's Teen Challenge
Africa's Children
AGUSM Church Plant Admin
Asia Pacific Media Ministry
Rocco DiTrolio
Emerge Ministries
Andy Estrella
Robert Frith
David Godzwa
Joel Johnson
Charles Mattix IV
Scott Miller
National Center for Blind
David Pantleo
James Schultz
Ministries of the Southern MO District Council: Camp Capital Campaign, Sunday School Office, Youth offering, Speed the Light, Women's Ministries, Girls Ministries, Men's Office, Royal Rangers, Missions, Church Planting, Senior Adult Ministries

Ames, Bryan and Cecile
Email Address: bryanames@usmissions.org

Bean, John and Daralena
Email Address: john.bean@agmd.org
Web Address: www.Beans2Slovakia.com

Book, James
Email Address: james.book@agmd.org
Web Address: www.jimbooktothenations.com

Brown, Berry and Tracey
Email Address: berry.brown@agmd.org

Carlson, Kristine
Email Address: KristineCarlson@77.USMissions.org

Carlson, Randy and Renee
Email Address: randy.carlson@agmd.org

Carrano, John and Brandi
Email Address: john.carrano@agmd.org

Carter, Chris and Lindsey
Email Address: chris.carter@agmd.org
Web Address: hqmail.agmd.org/~chris.carter/

Castleberry, Terry and Babs
Email Address: terry.castleberry@agmd.org

Clements, Darin and Dianna
Email Address: darin.clements@agmd.org

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