Grace Assembly of God Missions

Damron, David and Elaine
Email Address: david.damron@agmd.org

Davis, Aaron and Julie
Email Address: aaro n.davis@agmd.org
Web Address: www.stayinginczech.com

DeMartino, Richard and Jennifer
Email Address: richard.demartino@agmd.org

DeWitt, Ronald and Ruth
Email Address: ronalddewitt@usmissions.org

Donaldson, Steven and Rebecca
Email Address: stevendonaldson@usmissions.org
Web Address: www.ruralcompassion.org

Evans, Steve and Glenda
Email Address: steve.evans@agmd.org
Web Address: steveglendaevans.blogspot.com/

Flattery, George M and Esther
Email Address: georgem.flattery@agmd.org

Frith, Bob and Jennifer
Email Address: bob.frith@agmd.org

Garrett, Jeff and Wendy
Email Address: jeff.garrett@agmd.org

Godbout, David and Sherri
Email Address: davidgodbout@usmissions.org
Web Address: davidgodbout.com

Goldstein, Robert and Claudia
Email Address: robertgoldstein@usmissions.org

Hall, James and Helen
Email Address: jameshall@usmissions.org
Web Address: www.newchristian.com

Heaston, Ted and Carolyn
Email Address: ted.heaston@agmd.org

Heide, John and Judy
Email Address: johnheide@usmissions.org
Web Address: www.50alive.com

Ho, Melvin and Louise
Email Address: melvin.ho@agmd.org

Inner-City Min St Louis
Email Address: prinkarrot@aol.com

Ireland, Jerry and Paula
Email Address: jerry.ireland@agmd.org
Web Address: www.jerryandpaula.com

Jarvis, Tim and Joyce
Email Address: tim.jarvis@agmd.org
Web Address: timandjoycejarvis.com

Jimenez, Sharon
Email Address: robertjimenez@usmissions.org

Jordan, Brant and Joanne
Email Address: brant.jordan@agmd.org
Web Address: jordans4ethiopia.com

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