Many years ago, we had Evangelists at our church who later left the field and took a church in Colorado Springs; Walter's family and our family had attended that church when we were young children and on vacations. After we married and visiting Colorado Springs, we would attend that church. The church grew and eventually plans were made to build a larger church. The Pastor's wife wrote a song that carried them through the process of raising the funds and the stress that comes with such a project. The song has remained in my memory all these years; "The Gift of Faith".

At this season, we tend to reach back and remember special gifts and the special people that gave the gift. That song, again came to my memory; a song about a precious gift, so very useful, a "gift of faith". Don't ever let anyone think they have not received that gift. His Word says, "there is given to each of us a measure of faith". The way we loose that "gift" is by not using it. That has happened to some of my special gifts through the years; they became old and useless and no longer important to me because I had out-grown them. I left them behind and move ahead without them, forever gone. To use our gift of faith daily is the way to ensure that the gift remains valid.

I'm reminded of another song about faith, written by Bill Gaither, "My Faith Still Holds". I love the line that says, "I gladly place my trust in things I cannot see". Today, I am reminded and so thankful for that gift, that keeps giving and growing , so precious and so useful.

Christmas Blessings,


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