Yesterday, Walter and I worked on a project that a number of times in the past we had convinced ourselves we were getting too old to do and would never do that again! But, after talking for 4 years about the need to rid the house of someone else's color choices, I bought the paint and knew we wouldn't let it go to waste. We are not quite finished with the art work, but by bedtime we were both feeling those feelings you feel when you feel like you never felt before. This morning there was no doubt that we are getting older and certainly out of shape. Of course we love the results of our labors and have other rooms that need our brushes back into the paint buckets, but we may have to take a little time to heal up from the pain. We didn't plan to get out of shape, but we have the "hurts" to prove it. In the mean time, our purple kitchen is begging for a change and that purple has to go!

That's the way getting out of shape in our communication with the Lord happens; something changes our routines without much notice. We know better and we have heard the stories, and yet because we think we are too busy and we can do it later, our Bible reading and prayer times are often neglected. When we wake up and realize the change, we can't believe it happened; and that's the way the sneaky enemy works. So today, get back into shape and back to the routine; it's all about listening and talking with our Lord. (and to think, for some of us, talking always comes easy!) (painting does not!)

Time to Pray!

One of the sheep,

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