"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24

Many years ago, when we were at our dad's parents' house for a meal, Grandma Kitch had a rule that everyone at the table would read a scripture before the prayer, and then we could eat. It was painful for us kids waiting to eat with all that wonderful food sitting in front of us, and it was hard to read fast because some of us were just learning to read, (there was no "see the ball, Jack can see the ball, can you see the ball" on those little cards). On one occasion, our older sister and a cousin decided to hide the little box that contained the scriptures and because Eilene and I were the youngest children in the family, Grandma assumed that we had hid it, and she was not going to have a meal in her home without the required reading. The little box was eventually found, scriptures were read and after a thankful prayer, we ate! It was some time later the thieves were correctly identified and Eilene and I were exonerated. We always laughed about Grandma being so determined that scriptures would be read that day, before we could eat.

Recently, I pulled out the little box of scriptures and placed it on the table and now Walter and I read a scripture before we pray and eat. It reminds me of something our sister Karen said at the time of Grandma's funeral, many years later; "there is a little bit of Grandma in each of us". We didn't realize it then, but Grandma was teaching us something very powerful and precious about the scriptures: it is "sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." And nobody knew that better than our Pentecostal firecracker, Grandma Kitch; she rode her 3-wheel bicycle when she was over 90 years old and left us at age 95. I'm sure that we all can use some of that "health to the bones" so keep reading scriptures and praying; it comes with benefits; just ask my Grandma!

One of the sheep,
Arlene Koehn

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